How Long Is a Temporary Suspension on PS4?

Have you recently been using your PS4 or PS5 and discovered that you’re no longer allowed to play? Maybe a mutual friend has reported you for making a joke about something, and now you can’t say it.

Sony does not specify how long a restriction will last when issued, but a temporary ban can last up to a year from the date you receive it. You’ll probably only get a few days, but repeat offenders can be banned permanently for a year.

Why does Sony ban the accounts?

Prohibitions and interim suspensions can cause a lot of controversy and disruption. For example, it prevents a user from accessing his account or using his internet system.

Although several of those steps may be permanent, everything depends on the support team and how they handle your case and judge it.

As we all know, the inhabitants of this community have certain norms of behavior before they are created. Therefore, special powers are also provided to verify whether the persons correctly follow these requirements.

It happens in the place we reside and in the gaming community in which we are a member.

The PlayStation developers have developed their community in which gamers may register, profile and do so much more.

It works like any other social media platform. That is why it is rather apparent to apply the Community guidelines.

Players have to be good people and adhere to the regulations. If the terms and guidelines are violated, the Playstation team has the final ability to ban or temporarily suspend accounts and consoles.

It is why it is always encouraged that you read the Community Code of Conduct before undertaking any activity. While this may sound stupid, this is highly significant since you will know about your acts and their effects in the future.

Go ahead and take a break to study the regulations because “I didn’t know” is not the excuse PlayStation accepts.

How many kinds of bans are there?

If a prohibition is permanent, it cannot be lifted. This ban is generally placed on account of a person when players have been warned a lot and still prefer to engage in the kinds of behaviors that violate Community rules and standards.

A ban is most typically communicated to the user by email. However, if you want to learn more about the basis of the prohibition, the emails may contain a limited number of codes that you can check online afterward. (We explained all of these numbers at the bottom of this article)

Prohibitions are usually of two kinds.

One of these is called a system prohibition, and the other is known as an account prohibition.

One is known as the system prohibition, and the other is the account prohibition.

  • When system prohibitions are applied, players on a specific system can no longer sign in to the PlayStation Network. It also implies that their access to PlayStation Network online gaming is restricted. They will also lose access to their managing accounts, PlayStation Store, and any online activities.
  • Players can access their system if the account ban is issued but can no longer log on to their PlayStation ID. It essentially means that the gamer can’t get anything from your account or even log in again. It compels the user to register a new account if he wants to continue playing, but he will lose anything in the prohibited account.

What is the best way for someone to find out if their console or account has been suspended?

Whenever a suspension or ban is put on your account, you are always aware of it when playing an online game. You will discover an error code flashing on your screen when you sign up for your PlayStation account.

This error code refers to the reasons for your prohibition or suspension.

You might also try logging in on a different device to your account management. However, It must be done on a linked device. If you can safely log in to your account, it means your system or console has been prohibited or suspended and not the account.

If you can no longer sign in, the ban on your PlayStation ID or account is suggested. In addition, in some circumstances, both accounts and consoles may be banned or suspended.

Another thing you may do is to sign up to your PlayStation ID email and search the “PSN” word in all your folders. This list also includes your spam folders and garbage files.

It helps you to find an email with the suspension or ban notification containing all the details on the actions taken and for how long.

What are the implications of a PSN ban?

If the support from Playstation has decided to ban your account, you cannot access the content on your account anymore. All this includes your trophies, subscriptions, and any money on your account.

The content will not only be gone forever, but you will not be entitled to any future reimbursement for your content loss.

Such punitive measures are taken following the Service Terms.

If you only find your console to be banned, you can access your account by signing up for other systems, including related subscriptions, material, trophies, etc. However, it is also strongly recommended that you never acquire prohibited consoles because this would only be money wasted.

Can you unban a banned PS4/PS5?

How Long Is a Temporary Suspension on Ps4

Possession of a PS4 or PS5 is excellent until it is forbidden. Unfortunately, while prohibiting a PS4/PS5 is relatively new, many individuals do not precisely grasp how it works.

One of the significant problems, when PlayStation bans the PS4/PS5 console, is the dishonest people. Folks have sold their prohibited PlayStation 4 on Facebook and Craigslist and have not let people know they are not permitted.

It made PlayStation’s new owners a prohibited device when they didn’t do any wrong and don’t know why your gadget doesn’t work.

Since many new PS4/PS5 owners realized that their gaming system had been banned, clearly they want to know if they can be blacklisted.

If it was banned from PlayStation, you could not get a PS4/PS5 unbanned. The only reason you can appeal the ban is that you have forgotten to pay for your account.

PlayStation not only adds a PS4/PS5 ban until a severe violation is committed on the account. That is why they will not remove bans from devices unless they’ve been placed because someone hasn’t paid their bill or because they’ve billed PlayStation.

Identify your message of error

If you cannot connect to the PSN, you will send an error message to you. Although the information is relatively scanty, it can give you a sense of where you are standing. Start by writing down and comparing your error message to the following list. 

8002A227: With this account, you cannot utilize PlayStation Network.

8002A231: Your account has been suspended on PlayStation Network.

80710016: Go to the WS-37397 Error Code for more information (mainly implies PSN doesn’t like anything about your IP).

WS-37337-3: This PSN account has been suspended temporarily.

WS-37368-7: Banned this PSN account.

WS-37338-4: The PS4 console of the PlayStation Network was permanently banned.

WS-37397-9: Error connection. Go to WS-37397 Error Code for further information (PSN doesn’t like your IP).

What does the WS-37337-3 error code mean?

If you can’t use the PlayStation 4 and you get a WS-37337-3 error, it signifies that your PlayStation account has been suspended. 

The complete error message should be: “This account banned or temporarily suspended access to PlayStation Network. (WS-37337-3)” or “PlayStation Network temporarily suspended access through this account because of policy breaches.” 

It will send an email with more detail to this account’s email address. Also, refer to the Service and User Agreement. 

Terms for PlayStation Network (WS-37337-3)

A restricted or suspended PSN account cannot access or use its products and services on the PlayStation Network. You can’t use the names, products, and other digital material you paid for.

The actual suspension time frame depends on how severe the offense is so that you have to check your email. Sony sends an email to inform you of your account’s suspension and the length of time when the suspension is lifted.

WS-37337-3 problem code causes on PS4

There are two main reasons why your PSN account can be suspended temporarily. First, if you experience a WS-37337-3 error, one of these things must be:

PlayStation Network ToS (Service Terms) or CoC violation (Code of Conduct)

When you sign up for a PlayStation Network account, you must agree to abide by Sony’s guidelines known as Service Terms. 

We appreciate that not everyone in the PSN TOS has the time or the desire to read all legal people, but that does not mean you are excused to break them. 

Sony takes severe infringements of its Terms of Service; therefore, if you have not complied with any of the terms, you may end up either temporarily or permanently banning the account.

A console prohibition can even be applied in more serious instances. For example, if your PS4 console is banned, you can’t use it with any PSN account to access the PlayStation Network.

The TOS also comprises the Community Code of Conduct (CoC), and a ban or suspension may also result in any violation of the CoC. 

For example, if reported you bully or harass another player, this can be a reason to suspend or prohibit your account. A console ban may ultimately result in repeated violations of the ToS or CoC.

Failure to pay for your bank’s problems

You can temporarily suspend your PlayStation account if the pending payment has not yet been processed. 

However, late payment for transactions or subscriptions is not tolerated by Sony. You cannot use the PlayStation network because of the WS-37337-3 error notice; make sure you check whether you owe Sony anything by checking your bank.

How can I fix the error PS4 WS-37337-3?

If your PlayStation Network is unavailable and you have the WS-37337-3, these methods can assist in clarifying the problem:

Step #1: Check your email address.

When they decide to ban or suspend any account or console, Sony sends an email. So make sure you check for more information on the email connected with your PSN account.

If there is no Sony email in your inbox, check your other folders, such as the Spam folder. If you are confident that there is no email from them, you can contact the support team from Sony.

Step #2: Review probable ToS or CoC violations.

While Sony’s email warning should contain information on or suspend your account, you can also re-examine the PlayStation ToS and the associated CoC so that you know the specifics of your infraction.

Step #3: Your bank check.

You may have a problem with your payment option if you think you did not breach ToS or CoC. For example, it can occur if you have ceased sending your bank payments to Sony PSN or if there are no funds in your payment choice.

Step #4: Log into another device’s account.

You can double-check if you log into your account using a different device. For example, try to see whether you can log in with a mobile device or PS4. If you can access your phone or another console from the PlayStation Network, log out of your PS4 account and log back in.

Step #5: Contact PlayStation support team.

All bans and suspensions on accounts and consoles are final and cannot be appealed. However, you can contact them to settle the amount if your account suspension is due to an unpaid transaction or subscription.

If you suspect your account has been hacked or used for fraudulent purchases, you also need to alert Sony.

You strongly recommend taking a Sony representative before asking for reimbursement for a charge you do not recognize. Before contacting Sony, many users try to claim a refund for unlawful purchases or payments that could temporarily suspend the account.

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