How Long Can a PS4 Stay on Before Overheating

The prevalent assumption concerning the PlayStation is that leaving it on overnight would cause it to overheat. While this is not true for the most recent Playstation systems, it is not entirely incorrect. It can occur on some earlier PlayStation versions. However, you can avoid it by utilizing the various modes accessible in the PlayStation settings.

The PlayStation’s internal circuitry can harm by excessive heat. It consumes internal storage and can be rather costly if this occurs on an older console. In this article, we will discuss  How Long Can a PS4 Stay on Before Overheating?

Overheating is not only inconvenient; it also ruins the PS4. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures might cause irreversible damage to your circuit boards. However, do not be too hard on yourself; console overheating is frequently the result of an external source. From a system disturbance to a regular maintenance task, we’ve got you covered. It should be everlasting until a fan malfunctions or, for some reason, ventilation obstruct. 

Things to Consider Before Leaving a Console on 

Several factors, however, should be examined before turning your console on all night. 

  • These factors may include concerns about the proper and steady flow of electricity, a steady electricity supply, and various other factors.
  • If you do leave it on, there is no need to be concerned; it will function normally and will not overheat as long as it is not too close to a heat vent or cover in some way.
  • You can keep the PlayStation 4 (or PS5) on for extended periods without fear of failure or damage, provided adequate ventilation around the system.
  • The latest consoles will also notify you of overheating and will shut down automatically if they become too hot, so there should be no problem with keeping it on at all.
  • To keep your PlayStation in proper operating condition while leaving it on overnight, you’ll also need to comprehend the console’s present state.
  • You’ll want to avoid placing it on anything soft that could sink into it and obstruct airflow, and you’ll also want to avoid placing anything close to or on top of it that could lead it to overheat.

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Can You Leave Your Old PS4 Overnight?

You can keep not all Playstation consoles on overnight due to the risk of damaging the fan on older consoles and impairing the PlayStation’s operation.

Suppose you really have an older PlayStation and leave it overnight or play games on it for an extended period. In that case, you may have observed that the fan speed begins to grow and eventually becomes unbearably fast. As a result, the PlayStation console’s noise and heat output rise.

While some older PlayStation models may experience overheating, you can avoid it by utilizing the various modes accessible in the PlayStation settings. Generally, this fan speed increases only when internal CPUs start to heat up above a fixed number. When they start to emit additional heat, the speed of the fan rises further and further.

If this continues, the fan of your system could easily get damaged while your PlayStation system is on. If you do not have enough auto-shutdown enabled, the internal processors can get seriously damaged. If this occurs, your storage and other components might also get destroyed; therefore, leaving an outdated Playstation system on for lengthy periods is not a wise decision.

What Happens if You Leave Your PS4 on for an extended period?

While the old PlayStations suffered from overheating when left on for an extended period, you can now keep your current Playstation console on indefinitely to download a game (or accidentally) and not worry about it hurting your device in any way.

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Overheating used to be a significant issue with earlier gadgets, but as technology has improved, overheating by turning your console on for an extended period has become nearly non-existent. The only time leaving your Playstation on may be an issue is if you have it covered with game cases or something else that prevents the air from moving freely.

Cost of Electricity

How Long Can a PS4 Stay on Before Overheating

Another concern many people have when leaving their Playstation for more extended periods is the additional electricity consumption. After all, electricity is not free, and if you’re paying a lot of money to keep your console running, you’d be wise to turn it off in most circumstances. If you leave it in standby mode or on the menu, it will consume even less electricity, thus reducing your costs.

Therefore, whether you’re afraid about electricity expenses or overheating, you shouldn’t be, as overheating is nearly non-existent with current consoles, and electricity costs are also extremely low.

PS4 Overheating Causes

There are various reasons for a PS4 to overheat, most of which you can resolve on your own. 

  • If the vents are obstructed or a short distance between the ventilation and other items, your PS4 may overheat. 
  • Additionally, the PS4 will overheat if there is a lot of dust within. 
  • The heat in your room, as well as malfunctioning hardware or firmware, can all have an effect. 
  • Overheating may also occur if the PS4 is left on for an extended period.

Effects of Overheating on PS4

Typically, overheating happens as a result of excessive fan usage and prolonged use of the PlayStation. When the PlayStation’s internal circuit begins to heat up, the fan speeds up. It is typical and does not indicate that your console is overheating; rather, it indicates that there is more heat generated in general due to the length of time the Playstation has been running.

To avoid this issue with your console, it recommends that you do not leave it for longer than 24 hours if you have an older console. Additionally, you will need to perform the console’s cleanup operation considerably more frequently. When this heating issue occurs, you must switch off the device and allow it to cool before cleaning out the dirt/dust and allowing it to run more efficiently.

Additionally, you’ll want to maintain the console in an area with adequate airflow, preferably not enclosed in a cupboard or enclosed by something.

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Will a Playstation Be Damaged if Used or Kept on for Too Long?

While Playstations 4 intends to use for extended periods without trouble, mechanical components will wear out faster if they are never turned off. It is the inherent essence of all mechanical devices.

For instance, the more miles you spend on a vehicle, the more probable it will break down or have parts fail. Likewise, this is true for your Playstation 4 console. The more hours you spend on it, the fewer years it will likely last.

However, if you will not be using your PS4 system for an extended period, it is best to turn it off and give it a try to cool down and the components a chance to “relax” now and again.

FAQs – How Long Can a PS4 Stay on Before Overheating?

What Should My PS4 Sit on?

For gamers who desire a silent disc drive while gaming, positioning their PS4 horizontally will provide that. Consider the laws of gravity when positioning the disc. When the disc drives position horizontally, it is less stressed than when it vertically positions.

Can Dust Mess Up PS4?

Whether it’s the standard, Pro, or Slim model, the fan within your PS4 can eventually fail, accumulating dust, grit, filth, and whatever else is floating around in the air. This buildup can cover the system’s internal components, blocking the heat sink and requiring the fan to work harder than necessary.

Why Is PS4 So Loud?

Dust is the primary cause of your PS4’s noisy fan. Dust is ubiquitous and impossible to avoid. While you can wipe the exterior, dirt in the air can find its way into your console. So the more dust that builds inside the machine, the more sound the PS4 system makes.

Is It Bad to Switch PS4 on and Off?

As long as you correctly shut off the PS4 and do not simply turn off the power, you should be fine. It will not harm modern electronics. Hard booting is not safe, but it does not wear down anything.


Simply keeping it on for extended periods is not always a harmful thing as long as it has adequate airflow and does not overheat. There is a unique feature of shutting down automatically when they become too hot and why this problem is nearly non-existent in later consoles.

I hope this Informational segment helped you determine How Long Can a PS4 Stay on Before Overheating? PlayStation was extremely wise to include this option, as it has prevented many people’s consoles from overheating.

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