How Do I Cancel HBO on Amazon?

  • Click Prime Video Channels under Manage Your Prime Video Channels.
  • Locate the membership that has to be removed.
  • Choose Channel Deletion and verify.

Frequently Asked Question

How to cancel an HBO subscription on Tablet?

  • Launch HBO Max and go to the “Profile” tab (upper right). Can’t sign in?
  • Select Preferences by clicking on it. Then navigate to the “Subscription” tab.
  • Select the Manage Subscription option.
  • Use the subscription cancellation button.
  • Verify the cancellation and remember the due date.

How do I cancel a subscription on Amazon?

  • To access your subscriptions and memberships, click on the corresponding tab.
  • Click the corresponding Manage Subscription button for the Subscription you wish to terminate.
  • To access the link labeled “Advanced Settings,” click there. The primary signup page loads. If you want to cancel your Subscription, you can do so here.

Why can’t I cancel channels on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Video add-ons cannot be terminated using the mobile app now. 

It would help if you had an active Amazon Prime subscription to watch the content only available to Prime members. 

In the event of Prime membership cancellation, They will terminate access to the Prime Video Channels.

Why can’t I cancel my HBO Max subscription?

Go to your profile, then to Settings, then finally to Subscription in the upper right. Click on Manage Subscription to proceed. 

Find the company that bills you for your Subscription if you don’t see a Manage Subscription button. Choose Cancel Subscription.

Is it easy to cancel HBO Max?

Canceling your HBO Max membership is accessible from any iOS or Android device or iPad, in case you don’t have access to a computer right now. 

You can cancel your HBO membership with the click of a button using the HBO Max app on any of the supported devices.

How do I cancel HBO Max?

The steps are necessary to cancel your HBO Go subscription. Whether you access HBO Max through a smart TV, streaming box, a mobile device running Android or iOS, or the HBO Max website, you can cancel your Subscription at any time. 

The instructions for deleting your account are the same across all these options.

Do you get free HBO with Amazon Prime?

You’ll get an error message when you try to watch an episode of HBO on Amazon Prime Video. Prime Video Channels have terminated your HBO membership as of September 15, 2021. 

If your Amazon Prime membership is still active after the monthly billing cycle has ended, you will receive a prorated refund.

Can you Cancel HBO Max before Free Trial ends?

You must cancel your Subscription the day before your free trial finishes to prevent getting charged for the next billing cycle. You can keep watching till your trial period is up, even if you cancel early.

How do I cancel auto-renewal on Amazon?

If you change your mind about maintaining your Subscription, you may easily disable your recurring payments.

  1. You must access the Prime Membership Settings page.
  2. Check the left-hand side of the page for the renewal due date.
  3. Click the link next to the renewal date to cancel your Subscription.

Can I cancel subscribe and save on Amazon?

Your Subscribe & Save Items page is located in Your Account, where you can cancel anytime. 

If you cancel and then reactivate your Subscription, the discount applied to any Subscribe & Saves item may not be the same as the discount in place when you canceled.

Why am I being charged for Amazon channels?

You can add the premium and other streaming entertainment channels you choose for an additional fee with these supplementary subscriptions. 

With Prime Video Channels, you can select which channels to subscribe to and cancel at any time.

Is Prime video included with Amazon Prime?

The Amazon Prime Video service provides instant access to thousands of movies and TV shows. An Amazon Prime subscription includes access to Prime Video. 

There are hundreds of TV shows and movies available to stream on whatever device you choose with your membership. 

You may begin watching immediately by going to or using the Prime Video app on your mobile device.

How much is HBO Max a month?

HBO Max will run its specials and discounts every once in a while. Previously, a monthly HBO Max membership cost $16.99, but now that service’s ad-supported tier brings the price down to $9.99. The monthly cost of commercial-free streaming is $14.99.

How much is HBO through Amazon Fire Stick?

Cost-wise, how much does the Fire TV Stick’s HBO app set you back? HBO Max offers 4K streaming and offline viewing for $14.99 per month in the United States. There is also a $9.99/month ad-supported option.

Why can’t I delete my HBO Max profile?

You can’t deactivate your main profile if you want to keep using HBO Max. However, you can alter your profile by going to Manage Profiles and then selecting your current profile’s name.

Why is HBO no longer on Amazon Prime?

Late in 2020, however, WarnerMedia and Amazon came to an arrangement that would see HBO removed from Amazon Channels that year, with HBO Max taking over as the principal entry point for subscribers to WarnerMedia’s streaming programming.

Is HBO Max no longer on Amazon Prime?

You will be disappointed if you are hoping to watch HBO Max on Amazon Prime Video. It is hardly unexpected information, but the announcement date, November 2020, was a complete surprise. 

Recent rumors have suggested that the two services would resume their partnership, although no concrete plans have been announced as of yet.

Did Amazon remove HBO?

AT&T acknowledged to The Verge that the company’s domestic subscriber counts fell after HBO was removed from Amazon Prime Channels. 

However, the spokesman did say that the company hopes “to attract some of these members back into the retail base in the later part of the year.”

Can you cancel HBO at any time?

You can terminate your HBO Max subscription through the HBO Go mobile app or website at any time. 

You may need to sign in to a different account to cancel your HBO Max subscription. Following a free weeklong trial, HBO Max costs $14.99 per month.