How to Fix HDMI Port PS4? Complete Guide

Many gamers have enjoyed the PS4 for the past eight years; however, the HDMI ports on some models may need replacing. You may need to repair the PS4 HDMI port as they get older. Today, we’ll be looking into whether or not You can Fix HDMI Port PS4 or if you must replace it.

To avoid the fate of your HDMI port, read on to learn what to watch for and what to do if that unfortunate event occurs. Is it salvageable, or will it have to be thrown out in the yard?

Signs That the HDMI Port on Your PS4 May Be Defective

If your console’s HDMI cable is plugged into the port, but you are still unable to see or hear anything on your television, it is possible that the port is broken or malfunctioning.

PS4 HDMI Port Issues can manifest as the following symptoms:

  • A blank screen or a notification that reads “No Input.”
  • Wrapped or Pixelated Screen.
  • A tight or loose port

Reasons Why PS4 HDMI Port is Broken

When discussing Fix HDMI Port PS4, it is essential first to identify the specific issue. This hardware problem can appear in a variety of ways:

  • One of the most prevalent issues for PlayStation 4 users is a bent HDMI port. A bend in the pins might occur when you often plug and unplug your HDMI cable, especially when you’re in a hurry.
  • The problem with the PS4’s HDMI pins being pushed in is similar to the first one. When you shove the HDMI cable into the port, it’s more likely to happen.
  • A loose PS4 HDMI port can cause your cable to wobble when you plug it in. Most often, a lack of HDMI pins is the blame.

Is It Possible To Fix The HDMI Port Problem On A PS4 At Home?

First, make certain that the problem is not with the cable but rather the port. So, we’re going to presume you’ve already tried the cable with another device, and it works well there as well. Some of the warning signs that your HDMI port is broken are the ones listed below:

  • It is the most evident indicator if any of the pins are bent or snapped.
  • Look at the port’s position and whether it appears off-center or sits lower than it should.
  • Even though you’ve plugged in your PS4, the TV says there is no signal.
  • While the PS4’s white light is visible, you can’t see any images on the TV. The “White Light of Death” refers to this phenomenon.

Assuming you’ve checked all of the above and everything else is operating as it should, you may have a problem with your HDMI port. It’s also possible to fix the HDMI port at home.

How confident are you in your repair abilities? To remove the HDMI port from the motherboard, you’ll need some soldering experience. In most cases, this is beyond the capabilities of most people without putting the rest of the system in danger.

How To Fix HDMI Port PS4?

How to Fix HDMI Port PS4

What can you do if an HDMI port problem arises and your port needs to be repaired? No, we can’t give you step-by-step instructions for doing it yourself because we lack the expertise. It’s possible to get step-by-step instructions on how to do this at home if you’re up for the challenge.

But what if you’re not a member of that group? You could try contacting Sony to see if they can help with a repair. Likely, this won’t be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. It could be the case because of the console’s age or because the HDMI port has been physically damaged. 

So expect to pay for the repair. It’s also possible to look for someone in your region who can do the work for you. First, you will require some of the components to complete the entire method.

  • A Soldering Gun
  • Solder
  • Desoldering Pump
  • A New PS4 HDMI port

Once you have all of the essential tools, you can begin the following steps:

  1. Removing the screws that hold the motherboard, hard drive, and outer case is done with a screwdriver. Keep an eye out for and remove the small plastic connectors that you’ll come across along the way.
  2. Locate the HDMI port by removing the motherboard from the bottom of the case.
  3. The pins and anchor points holding the port in place can be seen by flipping the motherboard. To remove the melted PS4 HDMI port solder from the board, heat the pins and anchor holes with your soldering gun and then use the desoldering pump.
  4. After removing the old PS4 HDMI port, use isopropyl alcohol and a Q-tip to clean the region on the board.
  5. As soon as the anchor holes have been cleaned out and the new port has been inserted, it is time to solder it in place.
  6. Assemble the PlayStation 4.

Tip: Each pin should have its solder connection, essential to ensuring a data link. What happened to your video? If so, you’ve rejoined the competition. You may require a soldering gun to complete this task if you don’t already have one.

PS4 HDMI Port Repair Cost?

To begin with, adding an HDMI connector to a PS4 is a relatively inexpensive upgrade. HDMI ports aren’t all that pricey. The act of removing the damaged port and replacing it with a new one drives up the cost of PS4 HDMI repair.

The average cost of a PS4 HDMI port is $10. To be sure, depending on where you take your console for repair, it could cost you up to $150 or more.

There have been reports from PS4 owners confirming that Sony typically costs roughly $130 to fix a broken HDMI port on their console. Non-Sony repair shops can save you a lot of money. It is estimated to be about $100.

You should know that taking your vehicle to a repair shop will terminate your manufacturer’s warranty. If its original manufacturer’s warranty still covers your PS4, it’s always better to take it to Sony for service.

It is also vital to evaluate the technician’s expertise in repairing it. It’s not a simple operation to replace a PS4 HDMI port. It’s essential to find someone who has a lot of experience with PS4 console repairs and HDMI port replacements—in other words, repairing or replacing a broken HDMI port on PS4 demands a lot of technical skill.

Fix HDMI Port PS4 Near Me

Repair your PS4 HDMI port now that you have a general idea of how much it will cost you.

The PlayStation Service Page can be found on Sony’s website and is the fastest way to get help. Try troubleshooting the device yourself by selecting it and following the on-screen instructions to see if you can figure out what’s wrong. 

As explained by Sony, you established this short troubleshooting session on their Service Page because many of the devices that come into their repair centers do not genuinely require a repair.

FAQs – Fix HDMI Port PS4

What causes PS4 Blue Light death?

Over time, a shift in the hard drive may result in a PS4 blue screen of death. To see what’s inside your gadgets, if you’re tech-savvy, you can try this test: Hold down the Power button on the PS4 until it shuts off. It would help if you disconnected all PS4 cables.

Can an HDMI port be repaired?

Although it is possible to fix a damaged HDMI port, this should only be tried by those who have substantial soldering knowledge. Repair or replace your television if the manufacturer’s warranty covers it.

Is my PS4 dead?

The LED indicator light on the side of the PS4 should rapidly pulse blue before turning white upon powering on. “Blue Line of Death” consoles show a steady stream of pulsing blue lights that indicate a lack of video output before suddenly shutting down.

Why is my PS4 turning on but not displayed?

PS4 black screen issues are often caused by faulty hardware. You should check your PS4’s HDMI port to see if it’s damaged. However, other parts of your console may also be to blame. Consultation with a specialist may be necessary for some circumstances.


How to Fix HDMI Port PS4 may be repaired at home, as you can see. Even so, it’s a challenging endeavor, and you’ll need the right tools for it.

As it turned out, a new HDMI port didn’t help. However, the MN86471A controller chip’s poor shielding was to be expected. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to get a new chip at some time. I will add a guide and any discoveries to this article when I do.