How to Fix Error SU-30625-6 PS4 in Easy Way

Numerous PS Players are encountering issues with PlayStation these days. The majority of players attempt to resolve issues on their own but cannot do so because of a lack of exceptional solutions. You’ve completed a form, and you’ll receive more questions than answers. 

As a result, we selected the most often occurring faults and issues in PlayStation. Error SU-30625-6 PS4 is the most frequently encountered error on the Play Station 4.

Now, this is not a network error. While the update is associated with a firmware upgrade, it was discovered that a fault most frequently causes this issue during the update. It does not indicate that there is an issue with your connection. It’s just that occasionally, interruptions occur throughout an installation.

And if it isn’t an interruption, it could be that Sony’s server is attempting to upload an incorrect firmware update to your system. Whichever scenario applies to you, follow this guide, and you should never again receive this error message during firmware installation. We’ve included some remedies below that have assisted some users in resolving this vexing problem.

What is PS4 Error Code SU-30625-6?

When you upgrade your Play Station firmware, you may get the PS4 error code SU-30625-6. When the firmware download or installation process fails, an error message appears following the installation [SU-30625-6]. There are numerous possible causes of Error SU-30625-6 PS4. Among the countless reasons, the primary one is the PS4’s firmware.

Causes of Error SU-30625-6 PS4

#1) Unexpected pause during the upgrade

If your PS4 console had an unexpected interruption while installing the latest firmware update, you should anticipate the installation to fail. 

According to some affected users, it rectified the issue after they removed the pending update from the Notification queue and pushed the update to install again via the System Update page.

#2) Installing the wrong firmware version

According to some afflicted customers, this issue can also occur when the update server attempts to push the incorrect firmware version. It is frequently the case with vanilla PS4s. 

In this instance, you should be able to resolve the issue by updating Safe Mode. While relying on automated updates via the Internet is the simplest method, you will need to perform the update manually if the result is the same.

How to Fix Error SU-30625-6 PS4 (Different Ways)

Fix Error SU-30625-6 PS4

SU-30625-6 PS4 Update Error Troubleshooting

If you’re connected to PSN but unable to view the home screen, follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

  1. To shut down Play Station 4, press and hold the power button.
  2. When the system light is off, start the PS4 in Safe Mode. Essentially, hold the power button down until the second beep sounds.
  3. Then, connect the DUALSHOCK 4 (DS4) to the computer through the USB cord. Press the PS button on the controller.
  4. Select Option 3 for Safe Mode. Select Update System Software, followed by Update Using the Internet.

Wait for the system update to complete successfully. Occasionally, you can connect the PS4 directly to the router using an Ethernet cable to guarantee that the network connection is not broken.

Check for Updates to the System Software

You can check for updates in the following ways:

  1. Navigate to your PlayStation 4’s home screen.
  2. Select System Software Update from the options menu.
  3. If any updates are available, select Next and then Update
  4. Following the download of the updates, a Notifications window will appear.
  5. Select Downloads to install the updates that have been downloaded.
  6. Restart your PlayStation 4, and the Error SU-30625-6 PS4 will be resolved.

Performing Updates in Safe Mode

As previously stated, the Error SU-30625-6 PS4 occurs when your system cannot identify the software update. There may be a minor or major issue that prevents the computer from recognizing this firmware upgrade. 

Occasionally, your system will refuse to update or install new software if it contains flaws. Thus, we would attempt to upgrade the PS4 software to safe mode. Therefore, below are some straightforward procedures to follow.

  1. Ascertain that your PS4 console is linked to the Internet correctly.
  2. Now, check the PS4’s dashboard for an update notification.
  3. If an update notification appears, tap the Option key and select Delete.
  4. Following that, press the power button to shut down your PlayStation 4.
  5. Now, press and hold the PS4’s power button until you hear two beeps. If you hear a second beep, the PS4 has entered Safe mode.
  6. After that, attach the PS4 controller via cable to the console and pair it by pressing the PS button on the controller.
  7. Therefore, utilize the controller’s menu to select the “Update System Software” option once the controller is appropriately linked.
  8. When you click “Update over the Internet,” a confirmation box will appear; confirm it.
  9. The software upgrade will then commence, seeing a progress meter.

Using the Settings Menu to Force an Update

Update firmware downloads can be interrupted from time to time. Your screen will display the Error SU-30625-6 PS4 when this occurs. You must first remove the download message from the notification bar and then update it from the settings menu to use this approach.

  1. Navigate to the main dashboard menu and select Notifications with your left thumbstick.
  2. Find your failed update notification in the notifications section. Use the controller to delete it after you locate it in your settings.
  3. Return to the main dashboard and select Settings from the bar at the top.
  4. Look for the option System Software Update in the Settings menu. Use your controller to select it once you’ve located it.
  5. After that, follow the on-screen directions to finish installing the update on your console.

Use USB to Reinstall PS4 Software Manually

Use USB to perform a manual reinstallation of the operating system software if that fails to assist.

  1. After putting Safe mode on, Here are the Steps to Take
  2. You should use a USB cable and a DS4 controller to connect the USB drive to the PS4.
  3. Select the “Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)” option in Safe Mode.
  4. Make sure that [Update from USB Storage Device] has been selected.
  5. Check to see if you have the most recent firmware version on your USB stick. PS4 Firmware Update Version 7.02 is now available for download.
  6. The machine will then proceed to update itself with the latest firmware. Have fun with it!

Initialize the PlayStation 4’s system software

Case 1: Return to the Home Screen

  1. Select Initialization from the Settings menu.
  2. Select other options. It would help if you initialized PS4.
  3. Complete the initialization procedure by following the on-screen instructions.

Case 2: Turn the System into Safe Mode

  1.  Follow the instructions in Solution 1 to enter Safe Mode.
  2. Select “Option 6” Initialize PS4 from the drop-down menu.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete Initialization.

FAQs – Error SU-30625-6 PS4

How do I fix SU-Error on PS4?

1) Reboot your PlayStation®4 console and, if possible, attempt to update the system software through a wired Internet connection.

2) From the PS4 function area, select Notifications, highlight the update file, then push the OPTIONS button > Delete.

3) Following that, navigate to Settings > System Software Update.

How do I fix the software update error code SU-30676 2?

1) Eliminate corrupted games.

2) PS4 should be initialized.

3) Update to version 9.04 from the system (or another recent version) and reinstall the game (if it is corrupted). It worked for me after a week of merely initializing, updating via USB 3.0, etc.

What does Error Code CE-43461-8 mean?

PS4 error CE-43461-8 frequently happens as a result of a notification queue malfunction. If there is a pending software update in the queue due to a previous failure. It will remain blocked in the download area. All you have to do is navigate to the downloads section of your browser and cancel or delete the unsuccessful update.

What does the rebuild database do on PS4?

With the Rebuild Database option, you may defrag your PS4 and free up much-needed space, speed up your system and resolve a slew of other difficulties. The Rebuild utility examines the drive and builds a new database with all of its contents, effectively cleansing it.


The solutions listed above are the most often used for Error SU-30625-6 PS4. Almost any gamer can resolve their problems with at least one of those ways. 

Additionally, only a few people decided on their difficulties by alternative methods such as database rebuilding. Anyway, I wish you all the best in resuming regular PS4 activity!