How to Fix Error E-82106o4a PS4 Plus? Easy Guide

PlayStation error code E-8210604A prevents specific customers from purchasing a PS Now or PS Plus subscription. As a result, the user is on their own figuring out what this issue is and how to fix it.

PS4 and PS5 consoles can suffer from Error E-82106o4a PS4, which has no known cause. If you’re unable to get your membership, you may do a few things to get it back.

Using Error E-8210604A in a real-world context

PS4 users have used the following methods to report Error E-82106o4a PS4.

  • When attempting to purchase some games, users have encountered this error code.
  • You also encountered this error number while PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now memberships were purchased or renewed. Users have reported this error code as a PlayStation Plus problem.

Error E-82106o4a PS4: What Causes It?

Error E-8210604a PS4 can occur for various reasons, including problems with PlayStation’s servers or the network.

  • A slow internet connection often causes this error message. You will resolve your problem if you switch to a high-speed network. On the other hand, PlayStation does not have any specified bandwidth requirements.
  • Invalid DNS setups might also be a cause of this error number. However, this problem number is still not addressed, even after a DNS configuration change.
  • This error number has shown up for users occasionally while trying to enter their registered email address. As a result, using a different email address will solve this problem.
  • A problem with the network may cause this error code. Restarting the router and console is needed to resolve this problem.
  • Another possible cause of this error number is the PlayStation’s servers being unavailable at the time. To be safe, it’s always a good idea to first verify with Sony’s servers before attempting anything.

How to Fix Error E-82106o4a PS4 Plus

When a payment method fails, PlayStation error code E-8210604A appears. When a user’s debit card expires, this issue can prohibit them from signing up for PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now. 

Error E-82106o4a PS4

Waiting a few days and trying again is usually all needed to solve the problem. It is possible to expedite getting a subcontractor by attempting some of the suggestions listed below.

PlayStation Network Sign-Out and Sign-In

Before trying any of the other solutions listed below, make sure a common PSN bug doesn’t cause the issue.

Several customers have reported the E-8210604A error code, and it appears that checking out your PSN account and then signing back in before trying to purchase a PS+ subscription fixed the problem.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide, the steps are as follows:

Step 1: You may access the Settings Menu from the PS4 console’s main dashboard.

Note: You can visit the gear icon (settings symbol) in the top-right corner of the screen if you encounter this issue on PS5.

Step 2: After accessing the Users and Accounts menu, you can find the Users and Accounts menu in the Settings menu.

Note: For PS4 and PS5, this instruction is applicable.

Step 3: Select Other, then PlayStation Network, and then Sign Out to complete the process.

Step 4: After confirming the procedure, return to the login screen & see if the problem has been resolved by purchasing the Ps+ subscription again.

If the Error E-82106o4a PS4 problem persists, try the following possible solution.

Change Your PlayStation Account’s Email Address

Users of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 can rest assured that the E-8210604A issue will not occur. Subscriptions to PlayStation Plus should be easy to come by. 

You must change the email address associated with your PlayStation Store profile to a Gmail address. Go to the PC account settings or the PSN account settings, whatever you want.

Follow these instructions to fix the Error E-82106o4a PS4. Log out of the PlayStation Store with a different email address.

  • Use any web browser to access Sony’s Account Management page from a PC.
  • If you’ve activated two-step verification, you’ll also need to input the verification code.
  • Select Security from the sidebar on the left.
  • Navigate to the right-side menu bar. Select Edit from the Sign-in ID drop-down menu (Email Address).
  • To save your new email address, fill it in and click Save.
  • To use your new Sign-in ID, we’ll send you a confirmation email to the address you provided. Go to your Gmail inbox, find the relevant email, and click the Verify Now button to confirm the message.
  • Log back into your console with your new email address. Re-try the purchase to see if the E-8210604A error has been resolved.

Before Making a Purchase, Be Sure Your Wallet Is Full

As it turns out, your credit card company’s refusal is the most common cause of the Error E-82106o4a PS4 while purchasing PS+ from the PSN shop. Many banks have recently tightened their security standards around the PlayStation Store in response to a recent spate of frauds targeting the site.

You can get around the problem by heading to your Account Information page and adding monies that you may later use to pay for your PS+ subscription without using a credit card. If you suspect the issue is CC-related but don’t want to call your bank to acquire more information.

To purchase a PS+ subscription, follow the instructions below to log in to the PlayStation Store and deposit funds to your account.

  • You may access PlayStation Store with any web browser on a PC or a Mac.
  • Go to the correct page and sign in using the same console account you used to access the console.
  • Pay attention to the context menu after you’ve successfully logged into your account and select Payment Management from it.
  • Once you’ve confirmed that a Payment Method is already set up, click on Add Funds from the Menu.
  • Use one of your credit cards or a Redeem a Pre-Paid Card on the next screen (if you already purchased store credits from an online retailer like Amazon)
  • Check whether the E-8210604A can be prevented by purchasing a PS+ subscription a second time (ideally through your web browser) after the funds have been successfully added to your PSN account.

Use a Different Retailer to Purchase

PSN subscription renewals and purchases via your PS4 or PS5 console are affected by this issue.

The cost of an Amazon PS+ subscription is the same as a standard PS+ subscription. You may be able to get similar services from other online firms. Avoid purchasing your subscription from Sony’s online store to avoid the Error E-82106o4a PS4 issue.

Here are the instructions for purchasing and redeeming a PS+ subscription from an outside vendor:

  • Sign in to your Amazon account in the language of your choice.
  • Using the top search box, enter “PlayStation Plus” subscription.
  • Find what you’re searching for by scrolling through the list of results. Select the PS+ subscription that best fits your needs from the available options.
  • Ensure that the edition you’ve selected is legal before clicking “Add to Cart.”
  • To complete the transaction, you must go through the checkout page.
  • With a few clicks of a button, you’ll have instant access to the game you just purchased.

Here’s are Other Ways to Fix Error E-82106o4a PS4 Plus

Restart Your PlayStation 4

Temporary files are created while the PlayStation 4 is being used. Some problems like E-8210604A will occur if these files are corrupted. To get rid of these files, all you have to do is restart your PS4. 

Once you’ve restarted your computer, you may see if the problem code is gone. Next, if the problem isn’t resolved, you can attempt the other option.

Check PlayStation Servers

The first step in troubleshooting your Playstation is determining whether the issue is with your system or PSN. Visiting Playstation’s official website and checking their status page is the best way to achieve this.

PSN servers are down, meaning that you can only sit and wait for Playstation’s crew to fix whatever is wrong.

To resolve the issue on your Playstation, you can use the following alternatives if PSN’s servers are up and running correctly.

Checking Your Internet Connection

Before attempting any effective remedies for PlayStation error code e-8210604a, you should check your PlayStation 4’s internet connection. So, give the steps listed below a shot.

  • First, ensure that everything else on your network is up and running correctly.
  • Please get in touch with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if you are still experiencing problems.

However, if all of your other devices can connect to your network, there is no issue with your network. So, let’s move on to the next free advice nugget.

Restart Your Modem

You won’t have any problems getting online because of this procedure. Rebooting your router is an excellent first step. You will delete any saved Internet Protocol (IP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) data.

Reconfigure your DNS server settings

A server issue may cause PS4 error E-8210604A. You can change the DNS settings to fix this problem. You should set the primary DNS to and set the secondary DNS to It is done via the Properties interface.

Reset your Internet Device

  • In order to power down the console, press “POWER BUTTON.”
  • For at least two minutes, disconnect the power cord from the outlet.
  • After you’ve turned off your router, be sure to unplug it completely. When the power capacitors are depleted, it gives them enough time. All temporary network data has been deleted.

FAQs – Error E-82106o4a PS4

Why is my payment not going through on PlayStation?

Having troubles with PlayStation Network may cause your payment details to be lost. Check the PSN status page and wait until all services have a green light before reentering your payment details.

Why can’t I add funds to my wallet PS4?

Due to network or server problems, you may be unable to add funds. If your billing information is incorrect, you must make the necessary changes before finalizing your purchase.

Why does my ps4 say my debit card is invalid?

Data from your credit card has been compromised. If you have a credit or debit card account, verify that your cardholder name, card number, CVV code (the final three digits on the signature strip), expiration date, and address are correct.


This error code E-8210604A on the PlayStation 4 prevents you from connecting to the PlayStation 4 server network. To resolve this problem, you must carefully apply the solutions that have been presented.