Can You Reapply for Amazon Flex 2

  • You may submit a new Amazon Flex application.
  • It does not guarantee that your application will be approved.
  • If the number of available drivers in your area is already high.

Frequently Asked Question

How many Amazon Flex can you do?

Your daily Amazon Flex block count is unlimited. But there is a catch to this. However, Amazon has a strict eight-hour daily limit on employee work time. 

In the morning, you may run a two-hour delivery route to pick up orders from the closest Amazon fulfillment center.

How To apply for Amazon Flex

Unlike Amazon Prime Now, Amazon Fresh, and Amazon Restaurants, Amazon Flex is a courier service. 

Due to the nature of the app-based service and the fact that freelancers will make deliveries using their vehicles, there will be no need to visit a physical Amazon fulfillment center to collect your order. 

The first Amazon Flex location opened in Seattle in December 2015, San Francisco in February 2016, and Los Angeles at the end of April 2016. 

The number of Amazon Flex-enabled cities continues to expand, but it now includes 26 major U.S. metropolitan areas. Learn more about how to become an Amazon flex driver.

There is an application process to join the Amazon Flex team. Amazon will conduct background checks because of the high volume of expected applications. 

If you aren’t a Prime member and have riding experience, don’t bother applying to be an Amazon Flex truck driver; the company is actively seeking applicants who satisfy these criteria. 

Amazon typically reviews applications within 30 days, though this time can increase to 90 days during peak application periods.

How To Apply:

Visit search/finding?keywords=flex to find flexible work opportunities. (To proceed, exit your current session before proceeding through this link.) 

After you’ve logged into Amazon, select “Not Logged In.” Amazon Flex is one of several Amazon services available. 

After clicking that link, head to Amazon’s employment page and pick “Search All Open Jobs.” Candidates must use or create an Amazon account to complete the application process. 

Return to the Amazon application page after creating an account. Prepare a resume and send it in.

Checking Your Status:

If your application is still pending evaluation, Amazon will notify you via the provided email address within 10 minutes (or fewer) of receiving your application. 

If you haven’t heard back from Amazon after a few days, don’t phone customer service; they’ll take hours to explain what’s happening with your application. 

If you apply for Amazon Flex and don’t hear back from Amazon within 30 days, Amazon will inform you why and what you can do about it. 

Since Amazon Flex is a temporary position, Amazon may hold off on conducting more reviews until they require additional truck drivers.