Can you hide Amazon orders from family?

  • If there are any orders that you’d instead not look at, you have the option of hiding them.
  • Things that could be humiliating if they were discovered.
  • Alternatively, conceal public displays of generosity.
  • In the case where you and your kids (or anyone else) share a single account.
  • A purchase is being hidden.
  • Select Hide order in Your Orders.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you hide Amazon purchases from other family members?

We regret to inform you that there is now no option to conceal purchases in the Amazon mobile app for Android or iOS. However, the archiving technique can be used in a browser to conceal Amazon purchases from other household members.

Can you hide orders in Amazon order history?

Find the order you want to edit or remove, then click “View Order Details.” To remove it, select “Archive Order” from the menu. You can archive up to 500 orders without losing access to them altogether.

How do I hide Amazon family packages?

Launch the Alexa app and tap “Settings” on the menu. Try looking for “Notifications” and then selecting “Amazon Shopping” from the drop-down menu that appears. Look for the “Say or Show Item Titles” option and disable it.

Can my Amazon household members see orders?

A company representative stated that while members of an Amazon Household can have a “shared digital wallet,” they cannot view each other’s purchase histories or order details. Amazon FreeTime also has parental controls.

How do I hide Amazon orders on App 2022?

The Amazon mobile app does indeed make it simple to conceal an order. Pull up the Amazon app on your mobile device. Please navigate to the Orders section. 

Click on the Orders tab. Please tap on the appropriate button below if you’d like to place an order. Use the page’s hide button to make it disappear.

Can you delete your Amazon purchase history?

Your order history will not be deleted, but there are methods to keep it private. Create a secret Amazon Household Account to conceal your shopping habits from loved ones. 

You can modify the delivery location, hide your browsing history, archive past orders, or use an Amazon Locker.

Why can’t I archive my Amazon orders?

Orders placed through the Amazon mobile app for iOS, Android, or iPad devices cannot be archived. 

The alternative is to visit Amazon from your mobile browser and toggle to the desktop site mode. It will make navigation more difficult, but archiving the item is still possible.

What does archiving an order on Amazon do?

If there are orders in your order history that you no longer need access to, you can archive them.

How do I hide my Amazon search history?

Towards the top right of the page, hover over Accounts & Lists, and then select Browsing History from the menu that appears.

  • Check out what you’ve been up to online recently.
  • To remove something from your browsing history, click the “Hide” button.
  • By disabling this feature, you will erase your browsing history.
  • Enter your profile information.
  • Go to “Your Account”

How do I archive Amazon purchases?

  • You can access orders by hovering over the Account and Lists menu.
  • Locate the order you wish to archive by scrolling down, and then select Archive Order in the order’s bottom-left corner.
  • On the confirmation window that appears, click Archive Order once more to complete the process.

How do I separate my Amazon accounts?

You can find Switch Accounts under Account & Lists. Click Add account to link a new account with your web browser. Then, after entering your login information, click the Save button. 

To switch between accounts, go to the Switch Accounts page and click on the desired account.

How does Amazon Household sharing work?

The Amazon Household plan lets two adults and four children enjoy Prime perks. 

Both parents in an Amazon Household can enjoy several of Prime’s perks together, including access to the service’s digital media library (Family Library) and control over their children’s and adolescents’ user profiles. 

You can share several Prime perks with any teenagers living in the Amazon Household.

Where is the archive order button on the Amazon app?

Access “Your Instructions” now. To archive, an order, locate it under the Orders menu and click on it. Click the “Archive order” button next to the order you want to conceal. To confirm the archiving of your Amazon purchase, tap “Archive order” again.

Can you use Amazon in a discrete setting?

The “Incognito” mode on Amazon is easy to use. Unlike Chrome’s Incognito mode, Amazon does not offer a way to do searches without leaving a trail. There will be no consideration for my past with this Amazon purchase. 

All my Amazon activity, including searches and purchases, will be hidden from anybody except me until I choose to make them public in my Incognito Order History (separate from my regular Order History). Because of this, Amazon’s suggestions will not change.