Can you cancel Amazon student before 6 months?

  • Amazon Student memberships cannot be terminated before the end of the six-month term, although there are ways to reduce this time commitment.
  • Since the original agreement’s terms and conditions might have changed, some students find it helpful to contact Amazon directly and ask for a prorated refund. In the alternative, individuals may be able to transfer their membership to a different institution. To avoid early termination costs and penalties, you should always contact an Amazon representative before canceling your membership.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I cancel my Amazon Prime student Trial?

You have the option to discontinue your Prime Student subscription and all associated Amazon Prime services. To cancel your Prime Student membership: Go to Prime Central. Choose Cancel Subscription.

Is Amazon Prime student free for six months?

You may get FREE Two-Day Shipping on many items for six months as a Prime Student member.

Can you pause your Prime student membership?

For Prime accounts that qualify, you can temporarily suspend billing and service. You can temporarily suspend your Prime subscription if you won’t be utilizing it. If you hold your membership, you won’t be charged again until the next billing cycle begins.

Can I cancel Amazon Prime after 1 month?

If you want to end your Paid Prime subscription, simply go to Prime Central’s Your Account page and click the “Cancel my membership” button.

Can you cancel Amazon Prime before the free trial ends?

You won’t be charged again if you cancel your membership during the first 30 days. You can keep using your Prime subscription after canceling up to the end of the 30-day trial (including free 2-day shipping and access to Prime Video).

How much is Amazon student Prime after the trial?

After the trial period, the regular monthly cost of Prime Student is only $7.49. Cancel at Any Time. Do you not consider yourself a student? I highly recommend checking out Prime.

Is it true that Amazon Prime is free for college students?

Amazon Prime is now offering a 6-month free trial to students. There’s NO COST for the FIRST SIX MONTHS! Everything that comes with an ordinary Amazon Prime subscription is at your disposal. We’ll extend your Student Prime membership for an additional four years or until you graduate.

Is Prime cheaper for students?

Access to Prime Student benefits, such as free two-day delivery, Prime Video, and other member-only discounts, are included in the price of your annual membership to Amazon Prime. The yearly cost of Amazon Prime Student is $69, which is a savings of $50 compared to a regular Prime subscription. A monthly plan is also available for $7.49 per month.

How much does Prime student cost?

With a valid student email address, you can sign up for a free six-month trial of Prime Student and then pay just $69 a year (or $7.49 per month) for continued access. The monthly cost of a Prime Video membership is $8.99.

Can I cancel my Amazon Prime at any time?

Your Memberships and Memberships under Your Account is where you can manage all your Subscribe with Amazon subscriptions and cancel them at any time. Here’s what you need to do to terminate a membership you bought through Subscribe with Amazon: Navigate to Subscriptions and Memberships.

So how exactly does Amazon check if you’re a student?

Send an email from the address linked to your account to Please include a scan, photo, or screenshot of one of the following to the email:

After a month of Amazon Prime, can I get my money back?

To terminate your Prime subscription, please visit this website. When customers cancel their membership before the end of the term, they are entitled to a full refund of the remaining time on their plan. We will have processed it within three to five days of receiving your return.

Does Cancelling prime affect orders?

Suppose you cancel your Prime membership before its expiration date and have not made any purchases or used any Prime benefits since the date of your most recent Prime membership charge. In that case, we will return the entire membership amount.

Can I sign up for Amazon Student more than once?

No membership is everlasting. If you’re a student, you can prolong your membership for up to four additional years, but after that, Amazon won’t let you renew it.

Is Amazon’s Student Trial of 6 Months Free?

The steps to sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime for Students. Six months of free membership are given to new members. If you’ve already tried Prime for free, you may keep it for just $6.49 monthly instead of the standard $12.99 price. Prime Student offers a free three-month trial to all new members.

How long does a student membership to Amazon Prime last?

If you are a student and your family’s annual income is less than $160,000, you may qualify for Amazon Prime’s bulk-billing reductions for up to four years.

What does the 6-month trial for Prime Students entail?

Unlimited two-day shipping, unlimited movies and TV episodes on Prime Video, complete reading on any device, free unlimited photo storage, and same-day delivery are just some of the benefits available to students who sign up for Prime Student at any time throughout the 6-month trial period.

Can high school students get Amazon Prime Student?

For the limited time of the Amazon Prime Student free trial, you must be enrolled in an accredited college or university. The service is not available to secondary school, middle school, or elementary school students. If you don’t fall into any of the excluded categories, you can sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime whenever you like.