How to Turn on Gun Flashlight in Ark Xbox One? Easy Method

how to use laser attachment ark ps4

Ark: Survival Evolved is a game that each gaming enthusiast is familiar with because of its intriguing play. The game begins on an island dubbed Ark, where men and women have become stranded and are trying to survive against various creatures. There are a variety of strategies that gamers can employ to fight their way … Read more

How to Open Xbox One Controller Without Torx?

open xbox series x controller

When it comes to Xbox controllers, 7 out of 10 of them will shatter if dropped. What if the controller falls and something goes wrong inside, and you realize that you don’t have any Torx screwdrivers to open the dang thing? Then How to Open Xbox One Controller Without Torx? In any case, don’t worry about … Read more

How to Fix Sticky Buttons on Xbox One Controller? 3 Pro Tips

how to fix sticky buttons on xbox elite controller

You can enjoy long gaming sessions with the Xbox and its controllers, which allow you to immerse yourself in action. A sluggish or sticky Xbox controller button will destroy your gaming experience, no matter what game you’re playing on the Xbox One. Sticky buttons can be a massive problem for you in the future if … Read more

How to Hook Up Speakers to Xbox One? Complete Guide

how to connect logitech speakers to xbox one

It’s much more fun to play on an Xbox when there’s a good soundtrack playing in the background. When you hear about Xbox, you’re reminded of all the games you’ve put on hold. Xbox is a blind choice for everyone, from teenagers to retirees, because it’s so relaxing to play.  How to Hook Up Speakers to … Read more

How to Charge Xbox One Controller With USB? 3 Easy Methods

how to charge xbox one controller with phone charger

If you’re wondering How to Charge Xbox One Controller With USB, the answer is yes. Yes, that is unquestionably true. You may recharge your Xbox One controller’s battery with a standard Micro USB wire attached to the controller. In addition to being an alternative energy source, this trait gives us a significant benefit. Here, we’ll see … Read more

How to Link Hi-Rez Account to Xbox One? Easy Guide

hi-rez account link not working

Go to and sign in to your favorite Hi-Rez account. You may find the “Linked Accounts” option on the left-hand side of your screen after you have logged in.  It will provide a list of all the linked accounts to your profile. You can link or unlink your Xbox account from this screen by … Read more

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How to Fix Xbox Error Code 8015820a? 3 Easy Way

Xbox Live Error 8015820a

Xbox has always been a popular choice for professional and non-professional gamers worldwide because of its consoles and thrilling games. Consoles often do not generate as many issues for the user as PCs do. There are several issues with the Xbox Live service that the Console itself is concerned about. On the other hand, this … Read more

How to Fix Xbox Error Code 0x87de272b? 7 Simple Way

Fix Xbox Error Code 0x87de272b

As far as gaming consoles go, the Xbox One X is a monster. It’s a new generation of gaming consoles, the first of its type. However, the console has several faults and malfunctions that it is susceptible to & Xbox Error Code 0x87de272b is an example of this.  Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players are most likely … Read more

How to Fix “0x97e107df Xbox Error” Different Ways

Fix "0x97e107df Xbox Error"

We believe that there are errors that plague players worldwide since they cannot use the Xbox Live feature. The 0x97e107df Xbox Error effectively affects the convenience of all Xbox Live-related gadgets. Clients are unable to operate computer games or applications due to this problem. The Xbox Live application cannot launch the game due to a problem with the … Read more