How to Fix “0x97e107df Xbox Error” Different Ways

We believe that there are errors that plague players worldwide since they cannot use the Xbox Live feature. The 0x97e107df Xbox Error effectively affects the convenience of all Xbox Live-related gadgets. Clients are unable to operate computer games or applications due to this problem.

The Xbox Live application cannot launch the game due to a problem with the Xbox Live application’s permit approval. As a result, you don’t need to be too concerned about this issue, as it isn’t tough to deal with.

As a result, the 0x97e107df Xbox Error can be fixed by following the steps outlined in this article without difficulty. Even if you get this Xbox error number, you shouldn’t be alarmed. To deal with the existing problem, we’ve come up with a few natural solutions.

Xbox Error Code 0x97e107df is caused by various factors

Live programs on Xbox fail to start a game, resulting in the 0x97e107df Xbox Error. In a game where obtaining a license and being validated are critical components. When you try to play a game on Xbox Live that has a problem with licensing validation, you get a brief error message. It affects all devices that rely on Xbox Live for functionality.

How to Fix “0x97e107df Xbox Error” Different Ways

Fix "0x97e107df Xbox Error"

This error occurs when the Xbox Live Application fails to start a game (FIFA, in the case of the above Reddit user). When the license validation check fails, this is the most common cause. This mistake is just transitory and can be rectified by following the guidelines below. In light of this, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Xbox error 0x97e107df remedies.

Verify Xbox Live’s Status

Making sure the issue isn’t on your end should be your priority. Waiting for Xbox to fix the problem is the only option if the error code results from a problem with Xbox Live itself.

You may find Xbox Live Service Status on the company’s official website. Verify sure all services are marked with a green checkmark on the website. A yellow warning or red stop icon next to any service indicates that the service is experiencing difficulty, and you may access further information about it.

You might also have to see the official Xbox Twitter account, which frequently broadcasts information about current issues and expected resolution periods.

Restart the Xbox

No service outage and a working Internet connection may indicate that your console’s firmware is blamed. If the problem persists, try resetting the device. Having a backup of your games is a brilliant idea before moving on to the next step.

  1. Keep the Xbox’s power button pressed for a few seconds until it turns on.
  2. For 10-15 seconds, press and hold the button.
  3. When the console shuts down, release the button.
  4. Wait a few more minutes before moving on to the next step.
  5. Reboot the gaming console if it hasn’t already been.

Turn Off And Restart Your Xbox One

In many cases, the 0x97e107df Xbox Error can be fixed by a simple log out and re-login. Many Xbox problems have been resolved by just logging back onto the system. When you re-login, some cache files are deleted and recreated.

To that end, You can take the following procedures to find a solution:

  1. Press the Xbox button first.
  2. Go to the house where you live now.
  3. Then use your gaming avatar to make a selection.
  4. The next step is to click Logout.

Turn off and on your game system (follow the procedure mentioned in remedy one).

Restart the console and sign in using your login credentials this time.

This should resolve Xbox error code 0x97e107df. In any case, the remedy cannot aid in the administration of additional therapies.

Check the Network

Xbox Live may not function properly if the network isn’t up to snuff. If that’s the case, you’ll benefit from the following remedy. It would be beneficial to use a wired connection rather than a wireless connection.

Network Diagnostics will be the first step:

  1. Press the Xbox Button; This will bring up the help menu.
  2. Select Settings from the menu.
  3. Open Network from the All Settings menu.
  4. Select the network settings. Take a look at your network connection under troubleshooting.

We’re now going to perform a MAC address reset:

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  1. Once again, press the Xbox button to bring up the guide.
  2. Select Settings from the menu.
  3. Open Network by tapping All Settings.
  4. Select Advanced Network Settings from the Network Settings menu.
  5. Afterward, select Clear Alternate MAC address.
  6. Select Restart from the console to restart your system in the guidance menu.

Following the steps outlined above should result in a complete reset of your network settings, fixing the issue you’re experiencing. If that doesn’t work, don’t worry and try something else.

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Hard Reset of Console

Your Xbox game console’s caches could cause licensing and validation problems. Perform a hard reset on your Xbox system to avoid this annoying issue. After a hard reset on the device, it will not damage your Xbox’s data storage or gaming data.

You can hard reset your Xbox by following these instructions.

  1. You can shut off your Xbox gaming system by pressing and holding the Power Button (I recommend holding down the power button for at least 10 seconds.).
  2. After a few minutes, try powering on the Xbox game system. Upon startup, you’ll see a green screen.

Only temporary data, trash, and dump files are deleted when you perform a hard reset on your Xbox game system.

Install the game from the Xbox Store

Many times, the physical disc game is found to be broken or corrupted for various reasons. Instead of using the Xbox Store, you should purchase the game and play it off a disc instead of downloading it. To get it from the store, click here.

  1. Visit the Xbox Store to purchase an Xbox 360 console today.
  2. Navigate to the top-right corner of the screen and use the Search Bar to find what you’re looking for.
  3. Enter the desired game’s name into the search bar.
  4. Purchase, download, and set up the game on your computer.
  5. Insert your game disc and play it once the installation is complete.

Delete cache and save the file

Even after uninstalling or reinstalling the game, cache files may still be there, interfering with game files and resulting in the 0x97e107df Xbox Error message. Corrupt files that have been stored or present may be the blame for the issue. In either scenario, the device must be cleared of any cache files.

Perform the following steps to remove saved files:

  1. Keep your Xbox controller’s Guide button pressed.
  2. Take a look at the Settings page
  3. Select System Settings from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the “Storage Device.”
  5. You can select games and Apps.
  6. Search the saved game files for damaged or corrupted game files.
  7. Remove all of the files that are causing problems.

Follow these steps to clear your browser’s cache:

  1. Press the Guide button one more time on your Xbox.
  2. Go to the System Preferences menu.
  3. You should choose storage.
  4. Select a storage device.
  5. Press the Xbox controller’s “Y” button.
  6. “Clear System Cache” should be selected.
  7. Is “Yes” a response when asked to act?
  8. Remove the Xbox One controller.
  9. Unplug the device for at least 30 seconds to clear the cache memory.
  10. Install the game and start the Xbox.

FAQs – 0x97e107df Xbox Error

Why does my Xbox One keep saying error?

This error is likely to occur when an app update corrupts the app. You may resolve the problem by deleting the Xbox cache: Make sure that your Xbox One is turned off. You must turn off the Xbox One’s indicator lights and the console’s power brick before removing the power brick from the console’s back.

How do I fix my Xbox download error?

Update your Xbox One console if you’re experiencing trouble downloading an Xbox One game or app. If you wish to use Xbox Live, you’ll need the most recent version of your console’s software. New games may also necessitate the installation of the update to be played.

How do I clear my Xbox One console cache?

Turn off and unplug your gaming console. Remove the plug and wait a couple of minutes to cool down before plugging it back in. To see if the problem is resolved, press and hold the power button a few times while the computer is off. You’ll notice an increase in your console’s responsiveness and quickness when you turn it back on.


Error code 0x97e107df on Xbox is frequently the result of issues with an Xbox service. Microsoft tends to fix service issues fast because most people won’t be able to play on their consoles. If there is only a partial outage, you may have to wait longer.

Some service issues persist for a long time and only affect a limited number of games at a time. If that’s the case, switching to another game would be good.